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日本銀行は、ご登録いただいた個人情報を、本店見学の利用目的の範囲内で利用します。 また、利用目的達成後、適切な方法で速やかに廃棄します。






1. Website Policy

The website policy described here applies to your use of the reservation website for tours of the Bank of Japan's Head Office. By using this website, you agree to abide by the following policies and to all the terms and conditions for tours of the Bank's Head Office as presented in the Bank's website.

■User Conduct
In using this website, you agree not to:
1. take any action that offends or could offend against public order and decency, or that violates or could violate the law;
2. use the information provided by the Bank for commercial purposes;
3. take any action that leads or could lead to a crime;
4. violate third parties' intellectual property rights, including copyrights, or any other rights;
5. gain illegal access, upload illegal programs, or disrupt others from gaining access to this website;
6. register false information;
7. take any other action that could disrupt the Bank's business operations.

This website may not be accessible on some electronic devices.

The Bank takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information available on the website. However, the Bank assumes no responsibility for consequences arising in connection with the use of any of the information available on the website.

The Bank reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue, or terminate the content of this website without prior notice. This applies also to changes being made to your registration for tours of the Bank's Head Office due to the Bank's operational requirements.

The Bank is not, under any circumstances, liable for any loss caused by such modification, suspension, discontinuation, or termination.

All communication costs for the use of this website (e.g., internet service costs) will be borne by the user.

2. Privacy Policy

The Bank is committed to ensuring the appropriate handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

■Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Bank limits its use of personal information registered on the reservation website solely for the purpose of making tour arrangements. Once this purpose has been accomplished, the information we received will be disposed of in a proper manner.

■Security Measures
The Bank will take all necessary measures to protect your registered information from unintended disclosure, loss, or damage, and to ensure proper management of the information it receives. The Bank will also make sure that its contractors appropriately manage any personal information it outsources, by confirming the status of their confidentiality obligations and information management systems.

■Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Bank will neither provide nor disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent, unless required by relevant laws, or when the management of such information is outsourced to its contractors.

■Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion of Personal Information
The Bank will send you an e-mail confirmation of your tour reservation. Using the ID provided in the e-mail, you can log in to the system and confirm the content of the registration or, if necessary, change the tour date, tour time, and/or number of participants, or cancel your reservation. 

The Bank will continue its efforts to improve the protection of personal information while observing laws and regulations related to the handling of such information.

Please note that the Bank may refuse participation in the tour to any person whom the Bank believes responsible for any improper actions, including the following: registering false information; violating copyrights, image rights, or the privacy of the Bank, other tour participants, or third parties; or slandering the Bank, other tour participants, or third parties.